Build a Stronger Economy

We need to make job creation a top priority by supporting a pro-business climate that attracts new jobs to our area. Create private sector, not government jobs, by creating an atmosphere that allows for individuals to want to bring their companies to our state, and fosters growth for companies which already do business in Florida.

Quality Education

We must put students first. Every child deserves access to a quality education that will prepare them to compete in the global economy of the 21st Century.

Keep Our Streets Safe

The safety of our families, seniors, schools and neighborhoods must remain a top priority. Establishing and enforcing regulations to govern sober homes, which are group homes that shelter people recovering from drug and alcohol addictions.

Protect Our Tax Dollars

We need to lower taxes for families and businesses while ensuring the hard-earned tax dollars we send to Tallahassee are used wisely.

End Wasteful Government Spending

We need to prioritize our state’s spending and see to it that duplication, waste and inefficiencies are eliminated.

Restore the Public’s Trust

As elected officials, we must earn the trust of those we represent through honest, responsible leadership.

Bill Hager for State Representative